Anastasiya, age 26  



Meeting someone special always makes you think if this person is the one?? How to find out if I can trust this person? If I can fall in love and won't have my heart broken?

Obviously there is not certain way to find this out but there are some tricks that you can use!! Even if you are dating only on internet for now.

1. Write her a mail.

Notice how your partner behaves when you telling her/him how your day went. If he\she conserned? Tell your partner something that is going to happen in the nearest future (in 5-7 days) and explain that its an important event to you. See later if he/she remembers and asks how it went. It shows how much your partner cares for you.

2. Your partner in a family circle

Its important to know about your partners family, so just gently ask the question about his\her family. How close are they? If they have some family traditions? Do they spend important holidays together? It tells a lot about your crush. People who have been growing up in dysfunctional families often dont have a good image of a family model. They may not even know how to be a good husband\wife. Its best to be ready for this.

3. Angry behaviour

Try making your partner angry! I know! It sounds crazy! But its best to find out the truth before its too late.

Most people wear mask during first months or even years of dating. Most likely they take off their mask after marriage or when start living together. Until you fell in love too hard or got involved into really serious relationships try taking off that mask off your partner if they are wearing any. Making your partner angry on purpose will show how they react in stressful situation and how well they can control themselves. I mean, if your partner shows teeth when he/she is angry, what happens if you make him/her even more angry?

4. Send photo when you just woke up

Showing your "real face" tells a lot! People who date on internet often use photo editors to show themselves in a "good light". Try sending your photo without any editing, make up or hair done. Just show your real self. See how your partner reacts.


5. Talk about future plans!

Tell each other of your dreams and goals. People usually dont talk about it and later it appears that you dreamed to go different directions. Try telling your crush what you dream of! For example you dream to live on an Island and work from home as web designer. Have a house, two dogs and many kids. During such talk you might find out that your partner hates pets and it does not match with your "soulmate" picture.


6. Go personal!

Last but not least! Ask about intimacy! What is your partners secret fantasy! Do they even have one? Maybe you will find out that you are not the one who will make his dreams come true. Its better to find it out sooner than later.

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